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Cut the KICK!!

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I built my garage studio...room within a room construction with 6-8 inches of air between ...(didn't cut the slab) have pergo flooring w/ foam underlayment...neighbor that is a good 100-125 ft away can still here my kick drum (barely I'm sure, but enough to keep his high school kids up @ times) ....I'm assuming the bass is traveling mostly through the ground....need some last resort ideas to kill the kick drum , I've tried blanketing over the front & using "sound off" pads didn't really cut the DB...is it a waste of time to build a riser ?? more foam & carpet ...how can I float this drum w/o cutting the slab (which taint gonna happen) I can blast away drums & all u can hear is a muffled kick outside the walls outside...but it still cuts! Did the best I could within my budget.....thanks!

gretz99 :roll::cry:

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Here's a link with some helpful information




I would like to know how many layers you used in construction of the room within a room - did you do the multi-layer sheetrock / hemosote layering as I suggested? 1/2" sheetrock / 1/2" hemosote / 5/8" sheetrock is pretty darn effective. The answer to your problem is, as always, trapped air spaces (did you seal / "mud" the seams of each layer?) and mass. A heavy wall will not move as easily - and yes, low frequencies are the hardest to stop - they take a lot of mass to contain within the room.


You can add more "layers" to the walls. One option would be a limp mass vinyl product such as Sheetblock ( http://www.auralex.com ) or additional layers of drywall / sheetblock / hemosote. Again, make sure the layers are each sealed properly.


As far as an isolation platform, making one yourself is a tricky task - screw it up and you wind up with a bass resonator, which will make things worse instead of better. Auralex does offer pre-made isolation platforms for drums you might be interested in too.

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Wow. That would really upset me if I bult my room and it still ended up leaking sound to the neighbors.


Just out of curiosity, how much have you spent thus far?


I have plans to do something similar at some point. I want a nice place to play and record and teach, without bothering people or being bothered.

Super 8


Hear my stuff here


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