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Steve "Artie" Stills & his mystery 2nd guitarist ?

d  halfnote

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@ d, I think he's yawning because he's getting tired of coming up with so many ways of singing the tune LOL! It's kind of like Chuck Berry having to sing Johnny B. again. But, Dylan has always played the "I'm bored" attitude in front of the cameras...I like Jimi's version and I'm glad Jimi was a fan. When I play the song, I'm more into the original vibe but have a little of my own rhythm injected. I think the lyrics are what makes the song come alive, no matter what rhythm is put behind them. Only Dylan can adulterate them with ease LOL! :cool:
Take care, Larryz
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FWIW, JH is alleged to've had a notebook w/2 possible trax from HARDING he was contemplating doing.

I'll have to dig back to recall what the other was but it could've been that the history of rock music might've wound up completely different, esp when we consider what might be termed the "collateral damage" (since "Stairway To Heaven" was based largely on the template of Hendrix's arr. of "Watchtower").


Besides digging the Dyl, JH was a big Joni Mitchell fan.

[details = http://jonimitchell.com/library/view.cfm?id=733 ]

A whole 'nother set of imaginings.... :laugh:

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