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Rant alert:


I've posted here before about the bad luck I've had with a certain computer display ( read all about it here )



On monday this week I called Dell support and was promised a replacement the next day.


On tuesday they called me and informed me that my service order was canceled by mistake and that they had corrected the mistake, but that the "new" monitor would be delayed 1 day because of their error. I asked if I could talk to a manager. No can do. Can I talk to someone who is authorised to make decisions? - You should call a sales engineer. Fine, patch me through! after talking (read: 3rd degree interrogation, "-why do you want to talk to a sales engineer if you are not buying or getting shipping info?") to the switchboard operator 3 times the switchwitch asked me who had sold me my system. -I don't know, it was bought over the internet, but there is a name on the invoice. Switchwitch: "-He's here but he's busy right now, can I take your number and he will get back to you?". Fine, will he call me soon? "-Yes, before lunch, probably". Did he call me? No.


Wednesday: no calls or visits from Dell.


Thursday (today): a guy called me in the morning and told me that he would come to my place at 12.30-13.30 - and he was late of course so that I got late to my next appointment. Because of the delay, I did not take the time to hook up the monitor while the messenger was still in the house. Big mistake! When I got back home in the evening I unpacked and connected the thing. This monitor looked good! or so I thought at first. After launching explorer I discovered it: a dead pixel. Damned. About four inches from the top, slightly left of center, there's a red dot that won't go away. My original monitor had no dead pixels. The replacement that died had no dead pixels (well, eventually that changed! :freak: )


Tomorrow my schedule is extremely busy but I will just have to spend another hour on the phone with Dell again, and they will not help me as much as I think I deserve.


F*ck Dell! They don't even call back...


What do we want? Procrastination!

When do we want it? Later!

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Keep calling, if you can, and start plastering them with emails and letters, actual letters. Someone has to do something, right? I don't know, that's how I get results from companies like this....good luck, in either case. I don't know about your other question about the monitor, but hopefully you can get some resolution (no pun intended!).
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Yes. I would pursue this.


However, my understanding is that manufacturers have a policy of exchanging a monitor if it has X amount of bad pixels. I don't know what Dell's policy on this is.


I've had pretty good luck with Dell. If you are unhappy, Mats, I would take this all the way to the top. Dell is concerned with their customer service and should very much want the opportunity to make this right. I hope so anyway.


I'll see if I can go to their web site and find their policy on exchanging monitors with dead (or always-on) pixels.


Good luck!


Is There Gas In The Car? :cool:

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