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Eric Persing - EP-PE One

Mike Martin

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"Collaboration between keyboardist Eric Persing and multi-winds maestro Pedro Eustache. The two acclaimed artists have never played together before and this video documents their first musical encounter."


Great rig including a CS-80, Rhodes (with MIDI driving Keyscape), Prophet 6 and of course a computer based rig and some loopers. Rig tour starts at 22:00




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Thanks, Mike. I'd never heard Eric do more than play a few phrases here and there, but his position as one of Omnisphere's creators seems much more clear to me now. He has a great feel for leaping from place to place in an engaging manner. Classic synth-guy stuff. :thu:

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Thank you indeed, Mike.

As a (traverso) flute player I was particularly interested in the first instrument played by PE.

Then I understood its a normal flute with a 3D-printed mouthpiece he designed. Amazing sound. All info from 44:44 in the vid.

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Whenever I see his name I get an image of the Keyboard Kid in all those Roland ads in Keyboard Mag.


Never seen these, you got any photos or scans? :)

Couldn't find any, but there's This

Scroll down to the second section and there's a pic I remember seeing all through the early 1980s.

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