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British Christmas ad featuring Elton John


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I was unaware that John Lewis was a British retail store prior to seeing this ad:



Apparently the store has a reputation for its annual Christmas advertisement, and some people in Britain are giving the chain a hard time for this being more of an ad for Elton's farewell tour than about the Christmas spirit.


I thought it was great.

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It's a great ad for Elton for sure - but John Lewis is a very traditional department store so they don't usually sell pianos!
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I started watching this and my shields of cynicism were up strong as I heard Elton launching into the tried and retread 'Your Song'. But by the end of the ad I was crying as I saw my life story told beautifully. Obviously I'm not Elton John but as the ad traced the career of a musician playing in front of thousands of people through his raucous 20s, playing in High School, a recital at a church and those first furtive notes on a piano in elementary school, I saw much of my life.

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Thanks for posting that. Found it very touching. It actually starting making rounds here in message groups in Brazil shortly after your post.


Wow. Don`t get it. A touching commercial's message is a moot point because it does not fully portray all aspects of humanity and/or weighs equally on positive and negative aspects? Focusing on positive aspects of life does not mean turning a blind eye to reality.


[sarcasm on] Maybe the biggest issue with the commercial is not the unilateral view of Elton's life but the blatant intent to just sell more stuff to people by manipulating their emotions. [sarcasm off]. Damn, talk about focusing on negativity....


Christmas is a really important family tradition in Brazil (and even more in my family) - putting aside the religious origin or the excessive consumerism. I really think it's a time to focus on the positive side of life. I've been fortunate enough to have been able to have given gifts to people which have had a lasting and positive impact on their lives, and I hope to continue having the opportunity to do so.



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Surprised more of our UK friends haven't jumped in.


As I understand it the John Lewis Xmas ads have traditionally had a focus on appealing to children such as




Or this



So maybe a departure from the usual theme doing a short nostalgia bio of EJ


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