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What's the best forum to sell a keyboard?


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I'm honestly surprised a better local classifieds hasn't taken over Craigslist in the States. Up here, Kijiji is miles ahead. Much better interface.


Kijiji is more popular in the prairies for sure, but CL is the Boulevard Of Broken Dreams of choice west of the Rockies. Interface preferences are what youre used to. Roland vs Yamaha :wink:


Here for the gear.

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Craigslist is OK. I have had some good transactions, mostly for Hammond's and Leslies. You do get a lot of tire kickers though.

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Craigslist is fine if you know what you're doing. There have been several threads here about what to look out for and what scams people have tried, like "is this item still available?" and "I don't live there but I'll send you a cashier's check." I've done mostly fine with CL, met in public places, etc.


I've heard those lines before. I Post for sale items on a regional website and specifically state in the ad NO TEXT. Call (I give them my number) or email through the website. I still get Text messages asking "Is the item still available" and I respond. NO TEXT. call me. Then I get another Text stating "I'm hard of hearing so I prefer Text" I texted him to "Go Away".


I have sold a few things on this regional website, but unless the selling price is low, I don't get any inquiries. Most of the people are looking for a bargain, so its to be expected.


I tried Craig's list, but I have not had any luck. People keep on trying to change the buying arrangements I put in the ad. I tell people they have to meet me locally in a Public Place in broad daylight. Cash only. Most of the time they don't respond or still try to change the deal.



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I have sold quite few items on Craigslist. Never bought anything.

I sell for reasonable prices in my opinion and usually it doesn't take more than a week for someone to agree with it. I always either have them come to my home or my chosen place. When they see all the police cars in the driveways on my street it scares away most scammers. The only place I ever meet someone is by the guard shack at one of local military bases or in front of the police department. I have heard too many horror stories.

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