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Behringer D instead of Boutique Filter pedal

JB Sherry

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So, it occured to me that the Behringer Model D is similar in price to quite a few boutique effects pedals. One could combine this synth with an Envelope Follower module and be able to use this pair as an effect, in addition to usung the synth as a synth.


I found this this cool site that allows you to design your Eurorack, and which lists a number of envelope followers. But, alot of whats listed there is no longer in production.


Can anyone recommend a basic Eurorack envelope follower?


Also, has anyone out there pulled their BD from the case and put it in a Eurorack, as the manual describes?


P.S. Im kind of afraid to use that modulargrid site. I fear that way lies madness. :freak:

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One issue with using a synth as opposed to a filter pedal is whether you can bypass it. Even with the filter fully open, a 24db Moog style ladder is going to color the signal. If there are occasions when you want a clean signal, you may need to add something like a switching pedal into your chain. More complexity, more expense.


Depending on your sound source you may enjoy the coloration 100% of the time of course. :idk

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One issue with using a synth as opposed to a filter pedal is whether you can bypass it.

In addition, all pedals are not true bypass. Moog Minifooger pedals have true bypass, for example, while the big brother Moogerfooger pedals do not. So I can crank the gain on a Moogerfooger pedal even when not engaged and hear a great difference in the sound from the source.

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I spent an afternoon playing guitar and bass through my Little Phatty not long after getting it. It was pretty cool, but I'm not really that much of an effects kind of guy so I didn't put a lot of effort into it. There were some technical problems to be solved, like boosting the output of the guitar and using a cheater plug, etc. Nothing insurmountable, just details to be aware of.


No, I haven't tried the Behringer D yet. It's on my to-do list.


Nor have I tried the D as an effect for another keyboard. To date, I've only used it as a synth.



I'm not interested in someone's ability to program. I'm interested in their ability to compose and play.

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I fed my Yamaha V50 (FM Synth) through my Behringer Model D. Lots of fun. Fed the midi out of the V50 to the D midi input, audio output of the V50 to the D Ext'l input. Turn the D's oscillator's down. Play with the D's filter and EG controls. Playing the V50 triggers the D's envelope. Works great.

Yamaha Motif XF6, Yamaha AN200, Logic Pro X,  Arturia Microbrute, Behringer Model D, Yamaha UX-3 Acoustic Piano, assorted homemade synth modules

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