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Tascam LM-8ST connection

Keith Bowie

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Guys I'm looking for some guidance.

I have 2 keyboards in my live rig a Roland RD300 NX ( main keyboard) and a Roland FA06 aux keyboard.

I feed both theses keyboards through a Tascam LM-8ST line mixer.

What I'm trying to set up is to have the RD300 coming out of ST1 output from the tascam and the FA06 coming out of the ST2 output so that the FOH can level both keyboards independently.

At the same time I want to be able to monitor both ST1 And ST2 together from the headphone connection as in ear monitors.

Anybody got any advice on how I connect this up.

Many thanks for any advice or pointers you can give me.



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I don't have a Tascam, but from looking at the block diagram on the manual, I don't think there is any easy way of doing this just using the Tascam. This is mostly because the headphone switch appears to only offer ST1 versus ST2 monitoring, and no way to monitor both at the same time.


A method that might work using some additional equipment: Two stereo DIs (such as a pair of Radial Pro D2) and a headphone amp.

Feed each Roland into the 1/4" inputs on one DI (stereo), take the 1/4" output from said DI and feed a separate mixer for the headphones. Same thing with the other Roland. This would not be an inexpensive method using devices like the Radial, but I don't find any low cost 2-channel DI units.


A lower cost method that would likely work would be to use a separate small line level stereo mixer with headphone output - and feed two separate stereo inputs from the headphone jacks of each Roland (I am assuming that they have separate headphone connections, which might not be so). This would also have the advantage of a completely separate level control to adjust your headphone level without making any change on the signal sent to FOH.


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I think your best bet is to send your RD's outs directly to FOH, and use it's headphone out with a Y adapter to go to the mixer to mix as needed for headphone monitoring. Have the ST2 knobs for each channel turned up, but RD channel turned down on ST1. FOH takes ST1 outs with only FA being outputted. Monitor both with headphone out with ST2 switch in.


If the RD has XLR outs then the only extra pieces you need are a TRS cable and 1/4" Y adapter

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I have two Tasacam for my live gig. The main purpose of a keys premix is to save inputs on the main board. If you want to have the front PA guy being able to level both in ndependently, you don' need a premix at all....Justnroyte the two synths to not the snake to the main mixer and ask for a specific Aux return for your IEM....

They will level independently for the public AND you...

Plug the Aux Ret back into two channels of the Tascam and you have your ability to level both synths at your will

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