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Rocco Prestia Released from Tower of Power


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I noticed an update on the Tower of Power website with that contained somewhat startling news.


Bass player Francis "Rocco" Prestia has been officially replaced from the touring band by bassist Marc Van Wageningen.


I am sadden to hear this. Apparently Rocco did not agree to the decision, although he has missed a number of gigs over the years due to complications from having had two major transplant surgeries.


I was excited to hear that they had reached their 50th anniversary earlier this year but I am less than excited about going to hear the band personally without Rocco there. His playing and innovative rhythmic approach were consistently interesting.


I also feel that they have not been able to successfully replace Larry Braggs on vocals. Just my opinion here, but their latest vocalist just does not do it for me.


I suspect that there may be a bit of love hate between Rocco and Emilio Castillo. You never know what might be going on behind the scenes. Certainly with the amount of touring these guys have done over the years resentments possibly can build up particularly if gigs are missed.


I know that over the years Roger Smith was called on to cover bass parts on keyboards.


It's still a sad thing that he had to be let go.

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Odd - their site is coming up blank for me when I click "Enter Site."


Sometimes hard decisions have to be made. Like you say, you don't know what goes on behind the scenes.

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Not sure why this was recently updated on their website, but in a June interview with BassPlayer magazine, Rocco talked about the decision by the band to replace him,and how he did not desire the move himself.
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