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OT: Mac OS Mojave and old USBbMIDI drivers Good News!


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This is especially for Fantom X users who haven't been able to use USB MIDI with Sierra or High Sierra since a couple OS's before that Apple "broke" the old compatibility thing, and Roland won't update the driver.

Yes you could use WINE HQ to at least use the Fantom X Librarian and Editor, but that was it.


Well, last night, I was messing around on my X6, when I thought I'd try again to install the Roland USB Driver for the Fantom X.


Based on what I see worked a long time ago, I got the one Roland says for OS 10.6 and later.


This time, when I went to install, I didn't get the familiar error message that said it couldn't be installed on my machine, as it had with Sierra and High Sierra.


The install went smoothly. Now the test.

Per Roland manual, shutoff the Fantom, plugged in the USB B to A cable to my Macbook Pro, and fired up the Fantom


Went to Audio/Midi Setup>Midi Studio


Holy crap, for the first time ever the Fantom shows up!


I then opened my Midi Monitor program and watched as I played notes and moved controls. It is all registering.


It is even sending proper Bank/PC messages in Split/Layer (performance mode)


Finally loaded up a Mainstage concert and it worked perfectly.



I am not a huge behind the scenes computer guy, but whatever Apple did in Mojave "fixed" the issue some of us had with older USB drivers.


Anyway, just wanted to share for anyone with similar issues.


I am going to post same over on the Fantom X board on FB as well.


Looks like I get to bring the Fantom back in to my live rig rotation!!! :rawk:


Gig Rig:Roland Fantom-08| Yamaha MODX+ 6 | MacBook Pro 14" M1| Mainstage






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