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MP3.com Songs Recovered!!!

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I got this mail today:


Dear Artist,


We know you've been waiting for this and appreciate your patience. Trusonic is pleased to tell you about an exciting new opportunity. We've partnered with GarageBand.com to recover your songs enrolled in the Trusonic Music Program and create new Artist pages. Some of the links in this message will take you to GarageBand.com's program information page.


Your Trusonic content is waiting for you to save it. YOUR BAND(S) AND SONGS

Band name: **********

Description: ********* has been playing music since the day he was born(seriously).He started playing drums at the age of 12,and has played in a number of groups,with styles ranging from Jazz to Metal. Now dedicat...

Songs: Drives Me Crazy, Move On, You Lied


Band name: *******


Songs: Dracoolio, Wambo, Boop Boop


... and more!


Re-create your band's web presence with only a few clicks. Why spend hours re-entering your info and uploading songs?


Rescue your content now. Our partner, GarageBand.com, will automatically create and host new webpages for you with your Artist information and songs enrolled in the Trusonic Music Program.


We searched for months and selected GarageBand.com because of their dedication to independent artists. Recognized by TIME Magazine as one of the "50 Best Websites of 2003," their service has attracted 200,000 musicians like you and millions of visitors (all potential new fans for your music).


Restore your band to prominence on the internet today.




The Trusonic Staff


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I took advantage of that offer last week. I joined, did a bunch of reviews, uploaded a few songs, and found out yesterday that my song "Liar" will be "Track Of The Day" on May 5th.


I still can't tell if "Track Of The Day" is something that everyone gets eventually (I've only been there a week) or if it's something only a few songs get.


Our site there:



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