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Korg Grandstage settings for songs


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I'm an old keyboard player from the 70's and 80's looking to get back into playing with a band. I just purchased a Korg Grandstage and was wondering if there is any forum where I can find what pre-set sounds others are using for covering songs? At my age I really don't want to reinvent the wheel if someone already has the answer. Example Journey's "Faithfully Yours" or Van Halen's "Jump". What preset sounds are others using on their Korg? I realize things have really changed since I learned to play the lead from the Doors "Light My Fire" by listening to the record and taking the needle off and on every few notes :-)

I appreciate anyone's help and advise

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Welcome to the forum Borrego. The Korg Kronos has presets for popular songs, in spades. Not sure about the Grandstage.

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