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15 foot sets at The Wedge!

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I didn't realize it was pumping that big. I haven't been down to the beach very often since I moved to Compton.


Homeyz don't surf :freak:



Seriously, what the f*ck with the candles? Where does this candle impulse come from, and in what other profession does it get expressed?

-steve albini

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Breaking south swell, in Santa Monica at Gladstones, shape, Coastline Drive, short rock strewn ride, shape, I didn't look at Topanga, sometimes it's not as full as it curves slightly west.


The Wedge, body surfers paradise on a decent summer day with something less then 8 feet or more.


A maniacs pile driving dream, if you like neck braces and traction on a day like today.


During high school, there were a couple of paralyzations as I recall and occassionally, the undertow will ream someone into the jetty, for keeps.



Label on the reverb, inside 1973 Ampeg G-212: "Folded Line Reverberation Unit" Manufactured by beautiful girls in Milton WIS. under controlled atmosphere conditions.
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Originally posted by songrytr:

I'm still trying to picture that Dr. Evil guy on a surfboard! :D

Note to self: Get ahold of unbelieveably busy web guru, have new site completed, change avatars. ;)


And yes, I actually used to surf quite a bit, thank you very much! :D


Oh Botch, I ski too. Does that count? ;)

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