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Editor for Viscount organs


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NOTE: at the same time as the release of version 1.0 of the Legend Editor, two new tonewheel organ models were released: an A100 from 1963 (built in USA) and an A100 from 1962 (built in UK), both well maintained.


For those who want to restore the alternative tonewheel organ models loaded at the factory, the three models: BC from 1936, B3 from 1956, A100 from 1961, have also been published on the Viscount website


I am no longer active on Facebook but I'd love to find out if there are any forums to download and try some different tonewheel sets.


I'm also now curious if this means a Joey D tonewheel set can be loaded into a standard Legend Live?


I haven't checked this out yet but it's definitely cool and a nice bonus on an already very good dual manual clonewheel.

Yamaha U1 Upright, Roland Fantom 8, Nord Stage 4 HA73, Nord Wave 2, Korg Nautilus 73, Viscount Legend Live, Lots of Mainstage/VST Libraries

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Really impressed with the new O.S. and the editor.This is (for me) the cherry on the icing on the cake.


For jeffinpghpa, there will be different tonewheel sets made available on the Viscount Legend official website for owners to download and use.

Other Viscount Legend Facebook Forum members are asking the same questions about the Joey D organ tonewheel sets.


The main complaints I have read about since I bought my Legend Live will all be sorted out now the editor has arrived.

Ramp up/down times on the Leslie was just one of the issues with the previous firmware.


In the last couple of months I have spent hours just noodling on my (pre 1.6 firmware) Legend Live enjoying the experience. I hope owners of other clones (Crumar, Hammond, Nord) are enjoying them equally as much.


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