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Shocking side by side test with Fender amps today


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I did a long and careful side by side today at Guitar Center with three re-issue Fenders, the Princeton 65 Blackface LTD in red wine with a 12" Jensen and 15 watts (35 lbs), the Princeton Custom '68 with its stock 10" Celestion and 15 watts (34 lbs) , and the Pro Jr. IV tweed with its stock 10" Jensen and 15 watts (15 lbs)... I highly recommend you do the same! Do not go by reputation.

The '65 was a distant 3rd place for jazz, it couldn't keep up with the push of my playing dynamics through its 12" speaker , the tone was sort of thin and sounded as if too many "mids" were missing. I had the store staff assure me it was operating normally. The Pro Jr. was the warmest, nice clear and present mids, but the '68 was bigger sounding with a classic silverface Fender Reverb-ish. Think Twin silverface. The '68 and the Pro Jr. both had better push in terms of translating dynamics through their speaker behavior. They had "push". I used my P90 pickup Epi Casino guitar. I had another guitarist with me and he came to the same exact conclusions.


I have owned blackface Fender amps: a 60's Super Reverb, a 60's Deluxe Reverb, and actual 1968 silverface Princeton Reverb and a blackface 60's Vibrolux Reverb. I have used and heard many vintage silverface Twin Reverbs.


I've been around, here was my rig in 1970:




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Excellent review amigo.


I once had a black face Deluxe around the same time as the one pictured above, later on in the late 70's or 80's, I bought a Silver Face Deluxe as well. Both were good amps. I have no recollection what I did with them, I may have given one to my kiddo and sold the other or whatever, both are lost in time.


Of all the classic Fenders I have owned my favorites were;


#1 by Far a Rivera era Fender 30 which was the size of a deluxe with 30 watts and a tube rectifier. That one had channel switching, or an overdrive setting on one channel. It did everything from clean to Santana like overdrive.


#2 a Silver face pro reverb 40 or 50 watts 6L6 amp with a master volume control with 2 JBL K 120's that I put in it. That thing sang like a birdie at high volumes. Like the one mentioned above I have no recollection of who I sold it to.


My very favorite Fender amp of all time which I still have is the Version 2 Hot Rod Deluxe. I put in several different speakers in it over time, but I settled on an Eminence Cannabis Rex. I recently had it re-capped and the tech who knows the HRD amps well fixed any potential common problem. I only use the clean channel and effect it with stomps.

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+1 on the Hot Rod Deluxe played clean. I'm still using mine...I do like the sound of just about all Fender tube amps with a little spring reverb. The little Princeton is a very cool choice for a small portable IMHO. :cool:
Take care, Larryz
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