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Hired Band Thoughts....

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So, I'm looking to book a few gigs this year... not terribly many... but a few.


I've played a few gigs with hired bands before, but usually for country showcase spots, 3 - 5 song sort of deals. I play guitar myself also, electric and accoustic, but need to hire a Steel Guitar player, Drummer, and Bass. In past experience, I've done the showcase spots essentially unrehearsed... the hired guys are usually pretty good at what they do, so we can pull it off reasonably. These guys are hired out by other Country artists also.


But, for a whole show (full 3 X 45 min sets) of my own now.......

This is a different story.


Now I need to really look at rehearsals. I want my own show polished. But, these are hired guns, who play for pay. Has anyone here had any experience with this?, since I don't really want to have to pay all these guys just to rehearse - it just gets too costly.


I don't play enough shows to justify a dedicated band.


I'd do it live unrehearsed if I have to (done that before), but for once I'd like to polish it.


So, any one else been down this road, and how do you handle hired players for rehearsing before gigs?






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