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Prophet X review, modulated sideways

David Emm

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Under "SEQUENTIAL PROPHET X Demo & Review" on YouTube, our pal Katsunori UJIIE shows off the Prophet X nicely, as usual, but the Auto-translate needs a bit of tuning. I'm not sure of what to make of these comments:


*Child western food that seems to be received

*snow boy ordinary this bass sound

*Awesome this - do not eat the sample Dubai 8 d

*I taught digital sound of putt, but analog feeling is coming out well

*Somehow, I will put various kinds of trees 3 gold on this slider place

*Choose the Boooo position


and the enigmatic


* I do not have a horse sasa.


Shades of the first DX7 manual, huh? I'm thinking of it as a strange form of Oblique Strategies. Donna says that's BS and I'm the strange form. Regardless, Ujiie-san always delivers fluid, classy demos.




You don't realize that you're intelligent until it gets you into trouble.
      ~ James A. Baldwin :keynana:

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I allways love UJIE demos even if i dont understand a word of them..


Love how this expensive beast sounds..


But the whole idea behind it (soundwise) is that analogue filter just sounds so much better then a digital computed version..


So here my question: do you agree with this?

Because the filters in Omnisphere and DIVA and others really are very good allready...



And if a digital high end filter can compete with the analogue one...

Wouldnt it be better to build an all digital version, overcomming the limited 16 voice mono polyphony? (And the 2 sounds max to layer and split)

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