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Trying for Festival, Help Please!

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I've a favor to ask: If you are among those who enjoy the music of my band Big Sky, we're hoping to be included in the 10,000 Lakes Music Festival this July. Part of the decision is based on voting at the site: http://www.10000lakesfestival.com/ Click on the "Your Vote Counts" link on the right side of the page.


This could be a great opportunity for us. So if you'd like to help, please go vote for Big Sky now! Voting ends April 30. I really appreciate your support. Oh, if you haven't heard us, you can check us out at the URL below.


Craig, if this is inappropriate, please delete.


Thanks and best to all,


Steve Sklar


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I've only listened to "Siberia". Who did the Tuban throat singing? Good song.


I don't have a link, but there's a festival in Minnesota called the Earth Mother Mind Jam in, I think, late summer. We chanced upon the promoter last year on a trail in Telluride. She said that she can't pay for unsigned acts (what a surprise, I thought everyone was nonprofit these days), but it sounded like good exposure and maybe some fun. Any excess fun will be charged at the usual Microsoft rate when Longhorn comes out (of the closet).



He not busy being born

Is busy dyin'.


...Bob Dylan

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Thanks, everyone!


Henry, I'm the throat-singer. Been performing and teaching Tuvan Khoomei for years, the most active in the western hemisphere. If yer interested, see my throat-singing site at http;//khoomei.com Lotsa cool stuff there.


We've played 2 of the Earth Mother Mind Jams so far, 2002 and 2003. They're fun, but the organizers need to get more people in. That can be tough in MN in late September.


Steve Sklar/Big Sky


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