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My first Behringer purchase ever. The Neutron.


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Got an email from FedEx to notify me that a package would be delivered today. I thought "what package?" Then I found the shipper, Sweetwater. I thought "I have not ordered anything from Sweetwater?" It took some digging to find that they finally shipped the Behringer Neutron I ordered 3 months ago.


First impressions. It is a decently heavy unit and quite compact. Knobs have enough space between them to be comfortable. Tightness of the knobs feels right. There is no play or wobble. The patch bay is very crowded. I can see that labels will be hard to read once I use a few patch cables. Of course it has an external power supply.


Oerall, I cannot believe this unit is $299. I frequently pay more than that for a single oscillator or filter. Most budget single voice modules have a single oscillator. This has two. For anyone wanting to dabble in modular this is the place to start. I have seen comparable units from other manufacturers go for as much as $2000.


After lunch I plan to go through it and test every knob, switch and jack. It is still hard to believe that a fully working unit can be this cheap. If it works out, I may buy a second.

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Tightness of the knobs feels right. There is no play or wobble.

Interesting that a synth's sound should be our highest priority, but I too get preoccupied with knob form factor. A comfortable and solid user interface means much.


Looking forward to more of your feedback.

Steve Coscia

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