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Symmetrical Keyboard

Joe Muscara

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This video is nearly ten years old but I did a Svengle search for "symmetrical" here and didn't turn up anything so here goes.




The reference notes, a tritone apart, are A (orange) and Eb (green). The most significant advantage to this instrument is the even distribution of the keys; the fingerings for chords, scales, melodies, etc. remain the same regardless of the key one is playing in.


I think it's a pretty cool concept but I'd have no idea how to get started! :D

"I'm so crazy, I don't know this is impossible! Hoo hoo!" - Daffy Duck


"The good news is that once you start piano you never have to worry about getting laid again. More time to practice!" - MOI

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Took me a second to even understand what was going on.


Before watching, my expection was a mirrored keyboard where the lowest (or highest) pitch was in the middle, with both directiong rising or falling as you distance yourself. Similar to Joe Zawinul flipping his key contacts for a reverse pitched board.


This is a whole nother thing. Hard agree that I would have no idea where to start.

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