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The new studio

Theo Verelst

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We've all probably had ideas about what the best or hippest studio should look like. Or what the main mix table, recorder, and effect racks should be or contain.


What happened to those main studios with the 32 track (tape) recorder, the well known mixer brands, the standard effect racks, etc etc. If you'd write the book on " the future world top studio ", and presume location wouldn't matter/wouldn't be a problem, and the recording room can be made according to spec, what would it look like?


I myself am convinced a lot of effort in this field maybe doesn't go to waste, but certainly isn't automatically going to become "the best thing ever". The keyboard developments for instance have thus far not giving out any real new innovative sounds compared with most older studio products, not counting recycling and IMO rather lame "new" styles as very interesting.


I saw the Hansa Tonstudio documentary last week and was impressed with some of the sounds, which probably was partially thanks to the acoustics. Of course the were all kinds of production efforts, for instance to create something within those acoustics that sounds good on record, or takes only the required parts for a track. Also, it could be just the monitoring being pleasant, and the (as in the docu from for instance Depeche Mode) synthesizers for instance being simply recorded like someone could now do in a home studio, too...


I'm aware of some of the extensive efforts that went in the famous recordings I'm aware of (I've got hundreds of hours of songs I picked from thousands of well known tracks that went through a complicated studio processing setup I feel has been prepared for, which all improve), these were IMO not really dependent on the studio, but more on the processing equipment and people making specific use of it.


I'd like to think modern studios are developed along intelligent lines, like airplane design, or at least solid acoustic and signal processing academics, but I'm pretty sure that's not the case. Maybe it's time to dream about the super computer keyboard and studio setup :)


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I've prepared a sort of sampling and acoustics related 2-phase processing, for improving my recordings, of which the first pass will be for each track, followed by multi compression. The second one, also suitable for all existing tracks I've tried, goes over the whole mix, and has a "sense" in certain sample and signal ensemble improving ways that is opposite to the first pass, but adds reverberation controls. 3 Layers of mid-frequency control are present. I'll make a (simple but effective) demo.


There's no fun for me in working with the standard sounds, no matter what complicated studio tricks and mixing, live and recorded sound don't come near where I want to be, audio quality wise, if I don't do a lot of work, but this setup might cut it to inspire me to sound right, and make all those fun jazzy, funky, rocky and pop-y things I could already long ago, add significant new ones and not feeling harassed by every chord I play!


There's amazing knowledge at some level about how to sound good, but I don't hear that much anymore, some, but not much.




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I have a dream that one day Theo will actually start to give a shit about music. :snax:


I fear Sven that you are destined to see out your days in disappointment... Theo's always been about the sound, not the music. In my early days on the forum I tried to point this out, but it hasn't had much effect. :2thu:


Cheers, Mike

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