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Jim Quinn or J Dendy /? re: a small but odd change here at MPlayer...

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Once we could scan topics & hit the "reply" or "post new topic" buttons & the proper form would come up, preceded by the log-on form. A handy, all-in-one-step method!

Lately I've noticed that this is not allowed; instead a notice that "no such member exists" shows up when trying the method described above.


It's a small change & not very inconvenient difference but I wonder what prompted the change?

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I've not experienced this either; but I'm on a Windows platform. Maybe it's a Windows vs. Mac crisis. ;)


Uh oh, no more autobump... this thread will take off on it's own now. :D

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Thanks for your comments, Ani, but I don't it's a platform issue.


At risk of seeming even more repetitious than I do for importuning an answer to this question, let me redescibe this since I think those who claim not to have this "problem" might not understand me:

When not logged in try replying to a thread. Not allowed? Sent back to log in?

I thought so!


Well, we used to be able to hit "reply" & then log on & fill out a reply page all in one easy step.

Anyone who can still do that?


All I wonder is (1) why the change was enacted or (2) if it really isn't universal, why it's occuring sometimes [ although it's been consistent as far as I can tell for a month or more].

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