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OT: I am back.....


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Been in La Jolla Ca for a few days, I am safe back at home.


And of interest to all of you old hippies.


Well after all these years since the mid 1960's I made my very first LEGAL cannabis purchase at Torry Holistics just off of Sorento Valley Boulevard on Roselle Street in San Diego California Monday. We could not take any home with us because it is not yet decriminalized here in Arizona except for medical use, so I bought a small amount of it for the 2 remaining days there. It was fun revisiting the 60's hippy daze for those few days..... (They have dogs on the road at the Border patrol stations just sniffing the cars as they stop, so no sneaking it home.)



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Arggh, Matey---when yer livin' the life on the high seas, there's 'em cachin' their jubilance & 'em givin' naught a care for the wrong-mindedness of the snoopsterites !


Glad yer back but when yer really home y'll be taking that w/you wherever ya roam !



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