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Any MuseScore people out here?


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You guys are the best



From my first impressions


For a musician first .. and weak in computer knowledge point of view aka pov


I say musescore is a winner


But what of their dropping the project and handing to Ultimate Guitar?

Ought I be worried?

It's not going to be like Sibelius with Avid handoff :laz:


I am curious: are there features regarding sheet music library that we can draw upon/// maybe for a monthly fee?

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As I've mentioned elsewhere, beware of MuseScore's MIDI export function:

--It will only let you have GM voices.

--You have no control over MIDI channels. It looks like you do, but if you try to change the numbers, nothing happens.

--There are errors in the output, e.g. organ bass comes out as piano bass.

--If you stick in, say, a violin, you're going to get violin, pizzicato, legato, and a whole blinkin' horde of violins at export, even though you can't see them on the sheet music. To see what you've got, add your violin, then hit I to bring up the instrument panel. The entire string section will be there. Same for electric bass, etc. Stick in bass and all of a sudden you've got slapped bass, picked bass, fingered bass, et. al.


Other than MIDI, I've been content with it and the price is right.



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I hope this migration to a GUITAR ( :dead horse: :mad: :raw: ) related company does not end up harming the integrity of musescore.


They SAY it will not, but I am a musician not a geek, and have no clue what that code they mention means. Namely "all code contributions will continue to be made under GPLv2"


Can someone smarter about tech, explain what musescore fully entails. envisions and now with the addition of Ultimate Guitar? Is this good news for we pianist musicians ?


GPL is an acronym for General Public License which means that the software is free to use, share and further develop.


Ultimate Guitar started out as a guitar tab sharing site that was set up after the demise of OLGA. You can download files from Ultimate Guitar in text format and also a propriety gpx format which have been created using Guitar Pro. You can also playback the files on Ultimate Guitar's site.


Guitar Pro is commercial notation and tab software targeted at guitar but broadly similar in functionality to Muse Score. Many Guitar Pro files include a full score, bass, drums, guitar, vocals and keys.


What Ultimate Guitar bring to the party is the ability to create, share and download user created files, in plain text format or formatted in various file types specific to notation software and now Muse Score going forward.


Ultimate Guitar has licensing arrangements with publishers including Harry Fox agency so scores or tab for works by most artists can be found there.



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While I see no major changes in the immediate future, I have a subscription to Ultimate Guitar now. I didn't used to. It was free and much like MuseScore is now.


My feeling is that it is likely in the future to see a similar migration from a community of contributors to an "optional" subscription for enhanced or extended content and finally to a subscription service for all but the very occasional user who doesn't mind regular email encouragement to join.


Perhaps the bigger concern is the amount of e-mail you get with UG. Even at the lowest level, I receive on average of 7-10 contest or new content messages per month. Most are innocuous, but during certain times of the year (and the last 2 months of your subscription), you will see a lot of messages.


If this doesn't bother you, then I believe the migration will suit you well. I have always been a "pay as you play" advocate and subscriptions take that freedom away. As I said, I did succumb to the UG subscription as it does offer what I need.


Just my .02



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Desert Rat - Markay


Thanks for all that info.


With muse and UG merged.. that leaves me wondering:


How can I save time and money with two items. ( I think it fair to pay, question is how much?)


2. Charts that are formatted for musescore. 2a. Most desirable charts would be chord symbols

but a few I would need 2b. the written out versions.


I am still ( sorry about that ) unclear about musescore subscription versus UG subscription. versus no subscription. Yes, annoying emails are tolerable.

You don't have ideas, ideas have you

We see the world, not as it is, but as we are. "One mans food is another mans poison". I defend your right to speak hate. Tolerance to a point, not agreement

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