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OT: Anyone got experience in composing open source music?


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You know how you get stock photos that companies use for their websites? I'm talking about the same thing, but instead of pictures it's short clips of music.


A video editor I did some work with (other job) knows I play music and has seen me perform myself a few times. He asked if I'd ever considered composing short pieces of music to be used in videos. You compose a piece, sell it to various sites (probably for pennies), and people like him then take it and use it if they think it suits their video. He says very few of the pieces of music he buys are longer than 1 minute. Nothing new obviously, but I'd never thought of it before. Now it's something I'm giving serious consideration to, just as a side thing and to whet my creative appettite.


Anyone here done that before? Not creating music FOR adverts, but creating stock clips of music to be used by whoever wants them?


There's probably a lot of competition around with the thousands of talented bedroom producers alive today, but... :keys2:

Hammond SKX

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Google for "stock music" and witness the TONS of results. I'm sure each has its own submission process.


I'm writing some music for a short right now... nothing fancy, but I really enjoy the process.

I make software noises.
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