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Ms Aretha & our boy Duane A / train-a-comin' / It Ain't Fair

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Yeah, up here in the "D", we're all holding our breath. We know what's inevitable, but all pray for a longer wait. And New Bethel finds itself filled to the rafters with both regular AND non-Baptists.


I started out with NOTHING...and I still have most of it left!
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& I guess the dams've burst now, eh ?


My mother, a singer/musician from a rural Appalachian musical bground but an early adopter of R&R, once declared the following track her fave by any female vocalist, as well as a personal inspiration for, uh, fortitude in life.

Take note: the lyrics, the music & the arr. were created by AF.


[bTW, that's Jimmy Johnson & Joe South on gtrs, w/the leads prolly by Joe]



Deeper, unedited intro & verses in this version



Here's my fave

Again this is pure AF, lyrix, tune & treatment




Ultra Live

AF goes all Baptist/Pocomaniac at the Fillmore in 1971

Must be seen/heard to be believed




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