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OT: New Steve Perry Solo Album "Traces"


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Back OT yes early DP did "Help!" rather slowly, but the Fudge did angst-driven versions of "Eleanor Rigby", "Ticket to Ride", and of course the Motown hit "You Keep Me Hangin' On".


No fudgers on Perry's record from what I can tell.

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I caught most of an interview with Steve on NPR yesterday or the day before.


I'm not sure I have ever heard someone that sounds like more of a genuinely nice person than Steve. I just about teared up when he talked about finding his partner (I forget the name) and got his friend to introduce them even after the friend told him that she had recently found out her cancer had come back and she didn't have a good prognosis. Before she ultimately passed away, she made him promise to pursue his love of music again (to badly paraphrase what he said).


Long story short, but he was incredibly inspiring. Despite owning and listening to the late 70s/early 80s Journey albums a zillion times, I knew nothing about Steve Perry. He just struck me as an incredibly humble and positive human being, and I wish good fortune for him.


edit: whoops, someone had already posted about the interview, that's what I get for not reading the thread. Anyway, I recommend listening to the interview, it's one of the cases that gives you a *good* feeling about an artist, for once.

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