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Aretha is not doing well, family asks for prayers


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Just saw an NBC Special Report......she has passed on.



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Is just saying "6/8, or 12/8 gospel ballad " insufficient information for the rhythm section??
It would be sufficient for me, but if you've never heard the Aretha version so you can feel that sort of delayed phrasing, or if you've never heard of 6/8 or 12/8 gospel ballad, you'll be sunk. More information at the time of the jam will probably not be helpful. The rhythm section will need to have listened to a recording and maybe run through it a time or two to get it down.


Edit: I just saw that she passed. RIP Aretha. You were an inspiration to me.

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After a job very well done on this planet, Aretha Franklin can rest eternally. RIP Queen of Soul. :cool:



"The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return."--E. Ahbez "Nature Boy"

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This became too enjoyable not to share, so please bear with the momentary swerve *near* Religion.


I had a rather Scripture-savvy friend call me with the news of her passing before I heard it anywhere else. He said "Well, she's finally gone." I said "No, she isn't. You know those crushed-velvet purple La-Z-Boys next to God's throne where Prince and Elvis sit? Now there's a third one for Aretha and its fancier than either of theirs. Jimi and Janis are slouching on the couch on the other side, but its not all that nice. He knows they're just gonna tear it up eventually." He laughed and spluttered, finally saying "What's WRONG with you??" I said "Nothing at all. Some say I'm addicted to bad jokes. I prefer to think of it as a hobby that has me by the nads." He said "You're the most faithful blasphemer I've ever known." I said "Then the least you could do is validate my parking stub."


No mere accolades can sufficiently translate the alternating power and bell-like purity of Aretha's voice, but man, she could make a piano work for its dinner like a champ, too! I warm to that almost as much as her voice itself. Her style had real power. It takes a lot of added backbone to sing and play an instrument in real-time. She had that in spades. It was a life well-lived.


Okay, back to being properly synth-y and secular.



"You're not authorized to define what reality is."
      ~ "The Wandering Earth II"

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I ripped my Aretha 30 Greatest Hits the other day (It streams on Prime for you Amazon folks). Amazing stuff, and there's so much more that's not on it. Bless this woman and the music she made for us.







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I had a cassette tape copy of her autobiography at one time.


She had a fascinating life, and told her story well. There was much early musical influence from the most prominent gospel musicians, many of whom were her teachers.


Aretha hit the highest heights. Just imagine the electricity that some of her performances must have generated. Aretha always had her pick of the cream of the crop musicians and singers after her success of Atlantic records.


I did hear her once in live performance, at an outdoor concert in Oakland California. What a night it was. Her performance on piano and vocals doing Dr. Feelgood was a highlight.


A sad day.


I had noticed that there had been an absence of R.I.P's compared to last year, and knew that the next one would be a blockbuster, as this is.

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