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Rubber chicken software

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Has anyone out there used this software that converts sample data of one format (Ensoniq ASR-10 i.e.) to another (Kontakt i.e.). I would like to buy a software-based sampler and sell my ASR-10 but there's a lot of sample material I want to keep and transfer over to the new format. I guess I need to hear a few success stories before I make the purchase.
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Hey quietcove I posted this in the KC forum but just in case...


Has anyone looked at CDXtract ?


It's not all that cheap ($139 USD) but it seems to kick ass.


Convert: CDXTRACT converts your sampler files to the most popular formats with a very high accuracy. All kind of conversions are possible, single, bulk but also CDXTRACT includes a batch converter that allows you to select your favorite programs or samples and convert them with a few mouse clicks. Unlike the other converters, CDXTRACT has no limitation of destination formats for one specific source format. All source formats can be converted to all destination formats.

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I use Translator, the Giga edition. Generally satisfied, but in the race between Translator and CDXtract, sometimes one is better, sometimes the other. When I needed it, Translator had the features I needed, so that's what I went with.


Translator support is pretty good, haven't used CDXtract.



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