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I need a EAW dealer....

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GC in Manhatten is an EAW dealer, also.

"Meat is the only thing you need beside beer! Big hunks of meat and BEER!!...Lots of freakin' BEER."

"Hey, I'm not Jesus Christ, I can't turn water into wine. The best I can do is turn beer into urine." Zakk Wylde




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Originally posted by TinderArts:

Travel safe Drew, see you in a few weeks. :D

After being in Japan for 3 1/2weeks, I've been in S. Korea for exactly 14hrs and would very much like to be back stateside. The efficiency and decorum of the former has permanently set the high water mark for all other asian cultures.


This feels like I'm in Jamaica! Crazy traffic. Non existent lines. vehicles approaching, and parking on the sidewalk. Knock off items everywhere...sweet willie!


There are upsides, but I don't want to bore ya'll...thanks for coming through gang.



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