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Blue3+Amplitube Leslie appreciation thread


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That's it. I bought these two plugs, to use for studio work when a real combo isn't available.

My colleagues were overwhelmed. In a Rock Band mix you can't really tell the difference. That's my main role as a keyboardist. After years and years that I didn't like B3 and Leslie VSTS, I found this recently earthed combo. I couldn't be more happier.

I HIGHLY RECCOMEND combining them! I tried demos of other B3 plugins, and only the Blue3 sounded as natural through the Amplitube.

Thank you GG-Audio and IK Multimedia.

Gear: Nord Electro 6D 73, Korg Nautilus 61, Hammond XK5+Leslie 2101MkII

My Bands: Aperco, Ummagumma, Amity Band


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Blue3 with no Rotary, but 50% Drive sent through the free Blue3 Leslie plug in is very Uriah Heep-ish too.

Blue3 is definately the best Rock option other than hardware, or the real deal.


Most importantly is when you slide up your screaming note isnt quieter than the chord or notes on the lower manual.

Going high should always be the biggest climatic Sound, not thin out like most VSTs.


How about a demo of the 2 the way you use them.


Magnus C350 + FMR RNP + Realistic Unisphere Mic
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