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Semi OT: Summer hit of 2018 is (finally) here

Bill H.

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So... as many of you may remember, I've been doing this club DJ thing for the last few years. All summer I've been wondering - where's our summer song? Last year it was Despacito, but this summer nothing was really dominating - until now.


Rather than posting a link to Drake's In My Feelings, I'll just put up a YouTube video of why it's so big.





The moves were originally by Shiggy, who posted them on Instagram just a couple of weeks ago. It's since evolved into a dance challenge, often performed after jumping out of a moving car.



I dropped this track into the mix both last Friday and Saturday, and the club just exploded - extremely rare for something so new. This whole craze was never envisioned by Drake - who doesn't even have a music video of it - a perfect example of how things can go viral these days.


Happy Monday everyone! :laugh:


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