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What soundcard works with a Layla ?

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I have a Layla and I would like to have another, just something basic in my PC with it for system sounds, CD audio etc... I have tried an older SOund Blaster Live Platinum, and a new Sound Blaster Live. I have also unlocked the motherboard sound card and no luck. The problem isn't that the cards don't work, it's that something causes the mixer to fail, so I have no control over them. I thought it was the Layla at the root of the problem, and it may be, but I recently installed a Winnov Video capture card, that has it's own audio capability, and that works fine. At the moment, that's where my system sounds come from, or whatever I want to play without firing up the whole studio. So obviously the Layla CAN get along with some sound cards, I just can't seem to find info on which ones.


Anyone have a Layla with a second sound card?


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Is your Layla using the Echo mixer -- or the Windows mixer?


I've been using an Echo Mia (using the Echo mixer that's part of the driver package) with a Sound Blaster Live (using the standard Windows system mixer) and had no problems. One thing I've done is install the Sound Blaster first and then the Echo, following Echo's instructions carefully (install the software first, then the card, at least under XP).


Having the SB is heavensent for everyday use. And I love having the SoundFont synth able to use system RAM.

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I recently set up a DAW for a friend of mine who has a Darla 24 on Win 2k SP4 and he uses it for everything,Daw,CD Win sounds ect.,like most cards the Darla(and Layla)have Asio and WDM drivers for DAW's and MME emulation and WDM for Windows.Just make sure that in the Windows control panel in multimedia that the Layla is set as your main audio device(output 1&2) and that the use only prefered devices box is checked,and that your DAW is set to share drivers with other apps in the audio hardware configuration.There's really no need for a second card.
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I have a Layla and also have an Audiophile card installed at the same time. This is the first project I've used both at the same time. I am able to record 10 tracks at once using the 8 in from layla and 2 analog in from audiophile. I have had some instability but I think it was the template I was using in Sonar. I think I could get another 4 inputs using the digital ins on the 2 cards but I didn't need them so haven't tried.


I did see a little wierdness when selecting the input channels, but after altering one of the .ini files things have been working fine.



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