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Watch out CITIBANkers

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I got an e-mail about a week ago from CITIBANK-or so I thought-that said `your account has been randomly selected for verification. Please click on the link below to verify your identity. If you don`t enter the appropriate information, we can`t verify your identity and access to your account will be denied.` There was a link provided, and it said that after I entered the required info I would be brought to CITIBANK`s home page.

Well I tried on several computers but couldn`t get the page to display. This couldn`t have been at a worse time, for several rerasons. I finally contacted them today, trying to stay calm, and they told me it was a fraud. I mean, this sucker looked real, had the logo and everything.

forewarned is forearmed. Use your forearms.

Same old surprises, brand new cliches-


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Originally posted by skipclone 1:


forewarned is forearmed. Use your forearms.

I think you mean use your FIREARMS.



Last week I was in Osaka, made a few purchases with my debit card, etc etc. No sweat. I get a message on my mobile from Citibank's fraud center... I ignore it, cuz I know I'm the one using the card, and I continue to use the card.


I call them 2 days later...the young lady verifies my purchases. All is ok. Or so I think.


Try to use my card on checkout at the hotel (Nagoya) - nothing. Get to Tokyo, lot of screaming and swearing, they had to DHL me a card ASAP - got it in two days. Activated it, the card did not work. More swearing. Finally, I get someone on the phone with enough common sense to realise what's going on, and unlock my card.


They said the reason my card was locked down in the 1st place was because a vendor reported 800,000 cards were duplicated. This is bullshit, especially when they won't disclose who the vendor is.


As soon as I get back stateside, there's gonna be another round of ass chewing.


NYC Drew

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I've gotten the account verification scam a couple of times concerning AOL... big giveaway was that the url was *not* an AOL address. Still, it would have fooled the unwary, i.e. those that ignore the oft-repeated 'AOL will never ask for your password' statement.



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I get these for Earthlink all the time saying they can't verify my credit card number. Then they say that I have 48 hours to verify the number or I won't be able to log on. The links they give take me to authentic looking pages too! I've called Earthlink about this and its a fraud email. Crafty little devils.



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