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Do you use an oscilloscope plug in for your DAW?


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Theyre the best way to check Oscillator smearing when going from 44.1k to 96k.


I run a suite of DSP Tools that include voltage, spectrograph, OscScope, etc.

Run a discrete Audio analog synth through an instance, then your softsynth or samples through.

No surprise that hardware has no smear.

44.1 is most noticeable on Saw Up/Down as the edges can be seen with smearing.

The difference in sound quality to hardware is obvious.

Boosting to 96k the signal looks better on the Scopes but you cant hear the quality until you start stacking waveforms and making a preset.

Then the 44.1/96k is noticeable.

In a mix it doesnt stand out as much.


But if youre using Scopes and youre trying to get the biggest sound for your live rig, these are helpful.

Especially if you use meters for patch and solo leveling.


Peak and RMS Calibrations, Scopes all very useful tools.


You want to see big bright waveforms run an SE-02 into one.

This is the ballsiest Oscillators.

Like an old CAT synth.

Magnus C350 + FMR RNP + Realistic Unisphere Mic
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The first half of that is just aligning waveforms. Hes using the oscilloscope to overlay zoomed-in waveforms. Being able to overlay the signals might be a slight advantage over just positioning the playback head at a transient and aligning the other tracks to that, but its not a feature of oscilloscopes per se.


(Also, I find the guys delivery insufferable. I apologise if I missed relevant content by zipping through that video.)

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