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the world's so fulla stuff nowadazeI just found out abt this

d  halfnote

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Killing time this afternoon, I came across this unexpected treat on TV:

THE MUSICAL MOJO OF DR JOHN, a concert filmed in 2K14.

A vague retrospective on his work.

More details can be found at


Also at


& other hip, happenin'sites :D


Here we'll concern ourselves w/just a few of the perfs, mostly of gtr interest. I'll forgo the usual highlights listing in order to force ya to listenate to the complete plate (sorry, only the last comes w/visuals).

Dig !


Jason Isbell slowly warms things up w/some slide gtr



Tab Benoit relates the story of Stack-O-Lee offering some previously withheld lyrical details while plucking his magic twanger



Aaron & Charles Neville change things up by calming things down w/a heartfelt exposition of saxophonetics



MAIN :rawk: EVENT !

Warren Haynes, borrowing Clapton's vocal timbre, delivers some blister-searing gtr parts over a relentless bVIIadd9 Im vamp, winding up past the 24th fret



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