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Roland JUNO-D arpeggio on ext MIDI: is this even possible?


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Hi everybody


Here's my setup: I've created a performance for this upcoming gig. Part 1 is some Piano + String in Dual mode, which is going to be a main keyboard part for the song (BTW it's "

", an Italian hit song very popular through Europe some 36 years ago). Part 16 is some Synth Bass, which is going to be played in Arpeggio mode through the whole song.

I've created a dedicated Arpeggio User Template for this bass line, playing 1/12 triplets with +1 octave range, which corresponds to the original song. When it's played from keyboard, everything is OK.

But I've intended something else. Since the keyboard part, which is played with Piano + Strings, is quite busy, I was going to connect my additional MIDI keyboard (CME U-Key 49) to my JUNO-D, set MIDI keyboard to Channel 16, press PHRASE/ARPEGGIO button on JUNO-D, and let bass player play his part on MIDI keyboard, using JUNO-D as a sound module. Everything went smoothly, but when I press aforementioned PHRASE/ARPEGGIO button, nothing happens. The synth bass sound, initiated by MIDI keyboard, is not affected by arpeggio, though the piano+string sound played directly on JUNO-D is.

A while ago I've read an Owner's Manual for Roland RS-5, which is a predecessor to JUNO-D, and that manual explicitly says that RS-5 Arpeggiator does not process external MIDI signal. Is this the same with JUNO-D? The manual is not clear. Or do I miss something?

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