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Casio CTX-700 First impressions


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Briefly, I had a chance to hear the Casio CTX-700 yesterday... under less than optimal conditions but I got to hear it nonetheless.


This is IMO the best acoustic sample in a lightweight 5 or 6 octave portable to date. I definitely preferred it to the Roland Go Piano or any of the Yamahas.


I really need to spend more time with it, but it's pretty cool to this level of sound coming out of something that weighs in the range of 10 pounds ( estimate) and runs on AA batteries.


Also... during my brief encounter I also noticed that it has a pretty good Wurli sample under the title of " 60's EP".


There are a lot of possibilities for this. The piano should work well in a variety of mixes for just a basic acoustic piano sound, or for practice anywhere.


It seems like a real achievement. The CTX should lead the portable pack for awhile, or inspire Yamaha / Roland etc. to up the ante.

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range of 10 pounds ( estimate)
Good guess! Officially it's 9.5 lbs.

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I like mine for the GM organ for soloing and the Mellow EP for comping. I also like the Vibes. I use all these with a split with Organ Bass. Portable battery operation is great. Mono Piano is not bad.

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Hmmmm.... not much discussion on this, which surprises me in a way.


If I can get back to where this unit is, I should check out Mellow EP. I was having a bit of a time finding organs and Rhodes that I can use.


My " budget " Rhodes BTW is the Williams Legato. I like it as much as any Motif sample. To me, Yamaha EP's tend to " bark" rather quickly, whereas the Williams sounds smooth to me at all velocity ranges.


I had to adjust the key springs on the Williams though. The springs are very similar to Crumar Mojo and Viscount organ from what I can tell. I stretched them a bit and now it's not bad.


Still surprised at lack of availability of the CTX 700. These types of things used to be in department stores....and now it's really hard to track one down.


Casio has always had a good vibes sample. Very smooth, not too much mallet attack.


I was not able to demo the CTX long enough . But what I heard from the acoustic piano sample and Wurli were interesting.

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