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Coaster is fine...

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Not sure if any of you have gotten ahold of him yet. I spoke to him earlier this afternoon.


He's narrowing down the source of his ailment on his own & seems to be onto something. I will leave it to him to explain. Not my place.


I'm sure he will pop in here in the near future. Right now, I'm betting he's getting some much- needed rest.


I left this forum a few months ago. The only reason I have chimed in is because I know how this place works. I knew you would all be concerned about him. So am I. I don't see him much anymore.


Dave, you have my number now. You know my email. Let's hang out soon, okay?

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Pet Rock,


Mr. NJGG has left the building (or actually gotten himself ejected from the building) if that's why you left. Ding, dong, the troll is dead! :) Welcome back, it's good to see you post something. :wave:


I hope Coaster finds the problem and eliminates it with extreme prejudice.


a.k.a. "El Guapo" ;)


...Better fuzz through science...



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I saw him last weekend, actually. A mutual friend of ours was in town, so we got together & had a few. He seems to be doing alright.


Folks, I honestly don't know what the deal is. I've told him to come back, that you all miss him - and his sometimes less than sane posts (he's actually like that in real life, too ;) ).


I imagine he will be back at some point. I really couldn't say when though. :confused:

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