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Attacking College RADIO: the war is on. I take no prisoners except soxy guitar chick

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a "certain" soxy guitar chick is sooo soxy. ah uh where was i um Okay TODAY I sent one off to N.C.CHAPEL HILL COLLEGE RADIO WXYC 89.3 F.M. station. sundays 8pm till 9pm

they said they'd play it iffen I sent it.

So what type of rotation can I expect?

any body have any dealings with college radio?

I got this station gonna air me dittys between eight and nine and i got another station(WXNR newbernN.C. 99.5fm) down the road a'ways, gonna air my tunes between nine and ten ahahaha!

so my stuff will be cranked into the ether and maybe a million years from now maybe some spacecat will notice my radio wave out there and hook up a receiver and hear my jams.

would'nt that be cool.


I don' need no stinkin' tombstone! I've acheived a type of immortality. or my music has.. ahahaha!

Theys a lot of stations out there. fok the biggies.. fok a suit and tie and give me my sneaks and an X-Concepts dual control stunt kite cause I'm going WIND FISHIN'! ahahaha!

I'm fokkin' immortal! heeeheee!hahahahaah!

Frank Ranklin and the Ranktones



FRANKIE RANKLIN (Stanky Franks) <<<

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yeah maybe they'll play my stuff..


I had no idea and did'nt look for it but it hoppened.

As many times as I've sent out ceedees from my local Post Office I have always dealt with men. today I sent a ceedee off and a young shapely comely girly girl post office worker processed my order.

we talked(she talked)about the item I was sending and I admitted it was a music ceedee. she asked what type of music and I said rock and blues and before I could say anything else she told me she really liked the blues and she smiled and her whole face lit up and I heard angels sangin and this very odd noise which I later realised was the blood pounding in my ears.

I mumbled that I might give her a ceedee one day and she smiled even more prettily and said she would very much like that and just BEAMED at me. what the heck???

I ran home and burned her one on the spot.

then I did'nt have a case that was'nt messed up. so a half hour of scramblin around tryin' to find a goode case or something and I finally stole one from another ceedee. ahahah!

and I swear I almost shaved before I went back to the post office. I said nahhhh!

I walked back down and the whole way I was sweatin and rehersin what I was going to say.

so I get down there and i realise I don't know her name and she ain't standin' out there so I screwed up my courage and asked dude where that girl who took my order was. she was OUT TO LUNCH. He told me her name too.

so I left the ceedee there and he said he'd give it to her.

I know her name and it's purty too. she is very pretty to me so she must have two or three boyfriends or a husband. shes from tennesee she said.

she told me all about the blues clubs from where she lived.

she likes live music! ahahaha~!. who woulda thunk it?

thanks for lettin' me share!

Frank Ranklin and the Ranktones



FRANKIE RANKLIN (Stanky Franks) <<<

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San Antonio has an AWESOME college station

KSYM (there is a live feed here) KSMY Third Coast Music Network


The 3 to 7 shift is all Americana (right up our alley :thu: ) Matter of fact, send a copy to Uncle Crusty aka Jim Beal - he does the thursday shift and s also an entertainment writer for the San Antonio Excess News ;) , plus playing bass in a local band .


heres the vital info

Contact Dave for on-air interview requests.

For airplay consideration, please send CDs and press kits to:


Third Coast Music Network

c/o David Ludwig

7519 Dell Oak

San Antonio, TX  78218-2634


email: dludwig@ev1.net  


KSYM Station phone: (210) 733-2787

KSYM Sudio line (Requests): 733-BUZZ (2800)


Check em out if you got the bandwidth.



Lynn G
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interesting link there. goes to leblancs post which says never mind..


so I went to third coast music. veddy inerestink.

thanks for the heads up..

I can send them a ceedee but I really don't have a press pack. theres a pic in the ceedee. kinda. ahahaha!.

whats cool is maybe I can "hear" my tunes comink from that station.

most of the time the only way I know is if I ask for a program log sheet.

Frank Ranklin and the Ranktones



FRANKIE RANKLIN (Stanky Franks) <<<

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