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Radial DI question - stagebug


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I'm getting a new DI and I've heard enough folks say that it can make a pretty big difference if you get a good one (what "good" is of course is a big can o worms!).


Anyway, my eye is on the Radial Stagebug sb-2. It is passive and by many accounts is pretty similar to the non-Jensen transformer Pro DI, just quite a bit smaller (which is good, if quality is on par). So I have a general question on whether people have used and like/dislike the Stagebug.


Secondly, it caught my attention because it has a "thru" function that also appears to be a "merge"--the second bit is appealing because I could potentially use it as a very simple line mixer and stop using my current submixer. I never change anything on my mixer--everything is unity and my two keyboards have the same exact level settings. They are somewhat different on the keyboards themselves, though both are what I'd call at close to optimal gain structure (70-80% up on the master).


The thru just being a thru is pretty useful, though I can just get keys back in my IEM monitor feed from FOH.

Here's what radial says about the merge feature:

"An innovative stereo-to-mono merge function provides a convenient way to connect stereo keyboards and computers without having to reset the source for mono operation, saving time and input channels on the PA". Well, if it can sum a L and R to mono, it can do the same for two different mono sources I would think!


I think I read that is using the thru jack to do this; in any case I don't see another connection on the thing! So does it "sense" what you are connecting to the thru in order to do this?


I'll mention that the merge probably won't even be used right now since I'm doing gigs with one keyboard (with a small light juno brought with me in case my Kurzweil takes another dive on me), meaning the mixer was going away anyway. That said, if I get another keyboard eventually (or ipad/controller) it would be nice to not have to hook up the mixer again. Simple is good!


Thanks! And any other recommendations are welcome.

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I have one and use it on my pedal board. I have a Yamaha mg06x mixer. mains go to a FOH stereo DI. The phones out of the mixer is fed into the stagebug with a custom cable from TRS to two TS jacks. I use this to feed my K10 monitor. I like it very much. I also think the K10 appears to have a bit of the top end rolled of, which gives a gentler sound. But this could also be placebo, as did not do extensive A-B testing.




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I believe that the input and thru jacks both have enough inline resistance (build out resistors) to allow them to work as a passive summing network when you have two sources connected. You are correct - it should just as easily combine two mono keyboard signals as it would a Left and Right signal.
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