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Panasonic/Technics keybed to replace P2K as MIDI controller?


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Hi all, long time no post hope you're all keeping well.


I'm currently using a SCi Prophet 2000 as a MIDI controller. I had been due to sell it for the £ but I've found it nigh on the best synth action MIDI keyboard I have used. Previously I had been using a Studiologic VMK-161 Org which features the extended fulcrum point Fatar keybed as found on the Kawai K5000, Access Virus etc but it's a little light which tends to overstrain my fingers.


I'm paring down the studio for a bit of extra cash and it seems a little bit of a waste to have a fancy old school hardware sampler as my MIDI controller so I wondering if there is a cheap MIDI keyboard that features the same Panasonic/Technics keybed as on the P2000? The thought had crossed my mind that perhaps my preference for this keyboard isn't due solely to the actually key assembly but also the springs used and the velocity implementation which I'm assuming is proprietary Sequential design? In that case I guess it's gonna be trickier to replace the P2000.


So taking that all into account can anyone recommend a keyboard with MIDI out (thru never goes amiss as well) that uses the same keybed as the SCi Prophet 2000? Or offer any opinions on how likely it is that I'll be able to replace it? I've been told by a tech that although they're sometimes referred to as Panasonic keybeds it was ultimately Technics who made them.


Cheers and Happy Easter!

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Both SCI and Korg were using Panasonic/Technics keybeds around 1984 to 1986. The DW-8000 and DSS-1 that I used to own used the same Panasonic keybed. Later in 1987/88, Korg switched over to Yamaha's DX7-style keybed for their M1 and related synths (because Yamaha bought a controlling interest in Korg's stock around that time... but since then Korg went back to being fully independent).


So, I suspect that the P2000 is probably using the same keybed as the DW-8000 and DSS-1. It was a nice keybed, but a little on the too-springy side, and rather noisy (clickety-clackety) compared to the nicer DX7 keybed.

Kurzweil PC3, Yamaha MOX8, Alesis Ion, Kawai K3M
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Ah cheers, so maybe the earlier Korgs are something to look in to.


Though I had bargained on some consumer Technics keyboards being cheap which I'm guessing Korgs won't be.


The only noisyness on the P2000 keyboard is really due to the key's knocking transmitting to the case. Mine's pretty smooth and the springs match to their key weight really well. It's a pleasant surprise how well it plays.

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