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More April fools silliness


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...at least I hope this is a joke...


Credit to CEB for bringing this to my attention.




EDIT: Luckily a gag. From the EHX website:


Increase your gigs, as the BAG9 will give you access to play funerals, parades, battle fields and any number of drunk bar gigs on St Patrick's day. Squeeze the bag...the EHX BAG9!

Nord Stage 2 Compact, Yamaha MODX8

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DAMN! That's a cross between a cotton-candy dream and a chili-dog nightmare, the latter with jalapenos... PALE ones. I'd expect to see this being played by some bionic madman in an issue of "Heavy Metal." If twelve of these were built, Jean-Michel Jarre would own two of them and one player would become a demigod by marrying the thing. NO COMPROMISE! :saber:




"Every young person needs
  a bad older person to look up to
   and I hope I can be that person for you tonight."
         ~ John Waters, "This Filthy World"

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I enjoyed this one:


Luftrum releases DIY Preset Kit for Diva


Luftrum releases DIY Preset Kit for Diva. This brand new pack contains 64 do-it-yourself presets, carefully initialized and completely empty without any filter settings, effects, envelopes or modulation just waiting to be tweaked into the perfect pad, synth, bass, lead, soundscape or arpeggio with countless hours of fun for the studio craftsman.


Wanna re-create the famous Vangelis CS-80 Blade Runner lead or make a huge and epic Deadmau5 trance lead? Its all hidden in there, just waiting to unfold.


Listen to the audio demo covering some initialized starting points of emulated classics from Vangelis Memories of Green to Totos Africa and other EDM tracks. Using your imagination, you can easily imagine what the presets can become when the full potential is unlocked. Start your journey today and create the ultimate set of sounds with the DIY Preset Kit for Diva.


Soundcloud | Luftrum | DIY Preset Kit




My Blue Someday appears on Apple Music | Spotify | YouTube | Amazon

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