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Waves C4 and L1+ correct usage

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Could anybody give me some hints about the correct usage of this plug-ins? I never get well results: too much or nothing at all

Is there better any alternatives, with better results/easier adjustments that could suggest?

Thanks in advance for ANY help!


Jose Pereira

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Well, we can handle a discussion right here :cool:


Do you know exactly what both programs are?

C4 is a multiband compressor and the L1 is a maximizer. None of them is intended to be used separately BUT in a processing chain.

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these are mastering applications


you should run the C4 in your mastering chain first and the L1/L2 second.


learning how to correctly use a powerful multiband compressor like the C4 takes a very long time but i suggest starting with the auto make up gain preset so you can really start hearing the compressor and what it does. after awhile youll understand how it works and youll be able to use it to fix small problems, such as too much low end or not enough highs.


the L1/L2 is very simple. once you get the track sitting where it needs to be as far as the mixing and mastering you can add the L2 to dramaticaly increase the overall volume of your song. but if your mix and premaster sounds like shit then the L1 and the L2 will only make it worse.

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I don't have a C4 but I think it's a lot like the MCDSP M2000 multiband compressor.


There's a lot to it. You can set the crossover points. I like to solo a band and set the crossover point so that it is covering most of the sound I want affected. For example, the bass end of the spectrum. I might set the crossover point at 80 hz or 160 or more. Work the compressor like a conventional compressor for that spectrum getting the result I want, and then bring in the other bands. For the high frequencies I might solo that band and set the crossover point so I'm getting the bulk of the highest frequencies and then set the compressor accordingly and then listen with all the band together and reset the compressor. You can also set the gain level of each band.


I only have a L1+. I usually use it this way and I'm open to using it more effectively, if anyone could help me with it.:


I usually take the signal, and set the threshold so that I'm getting no more than 3 to 4 db of reduction. I have the release set to 10, the middle. I have no quantization, no dither and no wave shaping. I set the output to -1db. Then I process the file. I'm broke so I don't have the RTAS version yet.


I then take that file and limit it one more time with the L1+. I set the threshold so it is again reducing no more than 3db. I set the output to -.1 and I set the quantization to 16 bit, dither to 1 and waveshaping to Ultra. I usually do pop music and I think this gets good results for me.


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Go easy on the L1....


Taken to extremes, it can really make tracks sound harsh (in my experience). I'm presently looking to retire mine and find a better maximizer.


If you have C4, you're in good shape. I have longed for that plug, but the price is a bit steep (and I would never use a crack).


Right now I'm using Waves Renaissance Compressor (with a warm, optical setting and a gentle ratio) and some L1 on the tail end.


Best of luck,



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The Waves Plugs are outstanding. The Renaissance Collection and the C4 are very powerful and useful.

Our mastering chain usually looks like this:


d8b outs to Avalon 737s (paired) back to DAW

Renaissance EQ (if needed)


Renaissance Compressor



Here we use the C4 first in the chain and then the Renaissance Compressor and finally the L1. I would suggest you sit down with some material you`re familiar and just play around with the settings in the C4. Its a great plug and my desert island plug. I would also suggest that you use it sparingly after you figure out what it does. Its is extremely powerful and completely changes the sound of a mix. Be aware that it can be used as an EQ to an extent. Give yourself a good day to figure it out, its well worth it! Also use multiple compressors in the chain. Every compressor should be knocking of a db or two and giving back another 2-3 in volume.




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