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Very OT: Congrats to Loyola Chicago!


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(What a sucky year for Kentucky basketball. This team was a disaster. No real on the floor leader. 12 kids all afraid that someone else would get more points.)


Okay. ... Congrats. I really did not want to see Kentucky in the final four anyway. This team does not deserve it.

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They're heading to the final four for the first time since 1963! It's fun for me because my wife is an alum and my son is a sophomore there now.


Very cool wd8dky. I love the story of this team.

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Great story! I tried to start a March Madness thread but it didn't take (shoutout for Dave for doing what he could).

Admittedly, I'm not a basketball fan to the degree I am when it comes to football.


However, I will tune in to college basketball around March Madness. I enjoy watching the kids play before they turn pro.


I especially enjoy seeing the underdog teams win. First, it was UMBC. Now Loyola-Chicago has made it to the Final Four. Great stuff. :thu::cool:



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anyway, this is over now. Since Loyola Chicago didn't get to the finals I'm glad Vilanova won.

Still believe Sister Jean saved college basketball. ;)

(OK, I'm biased. I graduated from Loyola Baltimore. Much smaller school, but same bloodline.)

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