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Electro 4 HP - Broken "counterweight"


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A few weeks ago, a few people played my Electro 4 HP at a jazz jam (doesn't happen that often, but I trusted them). At the end of the jam, I noticed one of the keys was lower than the others, and didn't feel weighted. Furthermore, when I picked up the board, I heard something rattling around inside, which I figured was some part of the action. So I opened it up and found the errant part - a counterweight that went with the key. I noticed some of the other keys had cracked casings on their counterweights as well. I figure that I'm the one to blame - I've had this keyboard since 2014, and although I treat it pretty well on gigs, I have left it in the car on many cold nights. I figure the plastic was fatigued by big changes in temperature.


Having one key a little lower than the others hasn't bothered me too much -- it still responds pretty well -- however, I need to fix it. Does anyone have any glue recommendations, or should any strong glue work? If other counterweights break, I might have to buy a new keybed assembly. This looks like the one: Full Compass


Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Here is an album of photos of what I found:


Imgur album


(side note: this is being crossposted on the Nord User Forum)

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Ok, then spring into Plan B after trying everything else. Exchange the weight from your top or bottom note with the broken one. I played a Rhodes 73 for several years with no pickup on the bottom note, because I used it to replace a failed one at around middle C. Like I said, after trying everything else.
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A while back, my NP2 was dropped onto its stand with several broken keys. Pablo got me the number of a nearby keyboard tech. I drove the board there, left it off, and picked it up a week later, good as new and for short money.


My guess is that the tech can replace the individual key affected, as they did on mine.



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