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Covering horn lines with B3 sounds - drawbar registrations


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I need to cover some Phil Collins tunes and want to try B3 sounds for some gigs which won't have live horns. In the past some of us have mentioned using B3 to cover horns. These horns (Fenix Horns and the later Vine Street horns) often play the first trumpet an octave up from the regular stack, so they can be pretty screamy. Not quite Doc Severinson but ...


Is there a magic registration or should I follow my instincts and pull out stops until ears bleed, then dial it back a bit?




Thanks in advance.

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I don't know, but I just experiment with all sorts of drawbar settings and Leslie settings and Chorus on off etc. when Playing a line with horns. Unisons, octaves, both, Fifths.

Just have fun.. you are not being asked to sound LIKE horns, right? That is not feasible.


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Let me be the first to say you could always get a....



Nord Lead...

And double your Hammond with that.

But I'd suggest maybe 808 800 000 or full drawbars, also, some cool techniques I see people like Steve Winwood doing with the horn section replacement is some glissandos.

When he uses the settings for stuff like Higher Love where there is obviously synth horns, he uses a bright setting like 808 808 008 with maybe some 3rd percussion, and stuff like glissandos for stuff like falls and upward glissandos. I'd also recommend maybe 888 000 888 as well. Those horn lines can be tricky. Try playing 2 notes an octave or 2 apart from each other, or at weird voicings, because a horn section voice their chords differently.

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