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I tried to get on the RADIO sunday

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I sent my twenty-one track disc to a fave radio station that has played some of my all original and homegrown tunes. the station is a local BEASLY BROADCASTING station 99.5 in newbern northcarolina.

I just KNEW he was going to play my tunes. The D.J. "crash" kept talking about peasants(I have a peasant on my ceedee cover) and he spoke of 2001(one of my earlier works)and I kept hearing what I assumed was a set up for my jams but then he never played any of my stuff.

I sent the ceedee two weeks ago so I know he got it.

then he kept talking about haveing folkes come in to the studio and I knew he was'nt talking about me cause he ain't even played my jams yet. OY!.

The other D.J. played my stuff for weeks till I quit listenin so I know they "do" play folkes stuff. or did.

I ain't waitin around forever; So iffen you all know of any radio stations that might play my stuff could you all sing out with some addys?

I'll listen up next week and maybe I'll hear my tunes over the airwaves.

Any suggestions?

Frank Ranklin and the Ranktones



FRANKIE RANKLIN (Stanky Franks) <<<

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