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OT: Embedded Images on the Forum

J. Dan

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A number of times folks have struggled with this, understandably so, so I thought I'd offer some tips.


A lot of times when you google an image as an example the link it give you is not directly to the image, but to the google search that lead you to the image. The forum needs the link to the direct file, so the very last thing in the link needs to end in an image file extension like .jpg, .gif. .bmp, etc.


Usually one way or another you can drill down to the image. In google or other searches it may be possible to view the original image but this seems to be getting harder. On iOS I haven't figured out how to do this, but on PC if you click to go to the page with the image, you can Right-Click on the image, click Properties, then it will show the URL to the image and you can highlight that and Ctl-C to copy the link.


Drop-box and other sharing sites can be similar. Same thing, if you can get to a page that has nothing but the image on it, chances are that the link will go right to the image. However, if it still doesn't work in the Forum, look at the link.


In general, in ANY URL if at the end there is something like ?v=[something], that's what's called a server side variable. In the case of the example of "v=" on YouTube it would be followed by the Video ID number which passes the ID to the server to display the video you want. In images it may offer information to the server as to what size you want to display the image, left, right or center justification, etc. The forum will not know how to deal with anything after the file extension. 99 times out of 100, if you have a link that has something like www.xxxxx/..../somepic.jpg?h=150&v=75 or whatever. Just delete the ? and everything past it leaving only the URL ending in .jpg and usually that will work.



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Since switching from google to duck duck go, I have found it much easier to access original image pages. One of the many reasons why I no longer use google... :)




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IIRC, Google made a change recently with regards to linking to images in search results. Supposedly this was for copyright protection, which is generally a good thing.


On iOS, try holding your finger on the image for a sec and see if a list of options pops up. It may not happen in all cases, depending on how the image is displayed.

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