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PC1600 editor/controller for the Mac...

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I don't have neither, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. Given that you have a midi interface and a program that allows external midi control.


The PC1600 is extremely useful. I've seen them being run live on stage, used as remote monitor mixing. I've also seen a DJ use one to manipulate different parameters on an effects box.


the PC1600 RULEZ :D


are you thinking of buying one?

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I have one - love it. A bit bulky, but also very sturdy. I own a PC though ;)

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I think the 1600 is one of the best kept secrets in the music biz, probably because Peavey isn't a brand widely associated with Midi and computer music.


Now there are several competitors, but a few years ago it was just about the only box with 16 faders (not knobs) under $500.


Programming it is pretty straightforward so I have found many uses for it: Controlling the mixer faders in Digital Performer, accessing parameters on the Pod that do not have dedicated knobs, controlling parameters in the Alesis Quadreverb, drawbar and other controls in Native Instruments B4.


My wish is that someone would make an affordable 16 fader controller with moving faders. (let me know if such a thing exists) The new Tascam controller is the closest to my needs but I would rather pay a good bit less and work with just 16 faders. I find that I almost never need more than 16 faders because if I have more than 16 tracks I ususaly create a group or do a bounce.

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This was actually on the drawing boards at Peavey a couple years back, and needless to say, I was pushing for it pretty hard . They ultimately decided they just couldn't get the price and size down far enough.

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I've got two of them. I've had them for quite some time. Very useful over the years. Like Craig says they are very easy to program if you know a smidgen about the Midi protocol.


One thing is if you don't know / remember what the assignment of the fader is programmed. You have to move the fader to bring up the LCD description.

The thing they lack is a data out on/off button. That way you can temporarily mute information going out while you move the fader or push the button to see it's assignment. Also to bring the fader close to the value you want ; then let the information through. ie. one program change (for instance 73) not 1 through 73.


So I made these little project boxes that I put in line after the midi out.


A box with a switch and a button. If the switch is On to through information the button acts as a momentary off if you press it. If the switch if Off the button acts as a momentary through if you press it.

I currently use it with Ableton Live. I use a Lake Butler RFC1 midi control pedal to one PC600 the Midi Thru to the next PC1600 to the computer in a Master / Slave relationship.


Typical use example.

Lake Butler RFC1 sends multiple messages of most any message in the Midi protocol on a single button. So on one button push I can default say 16 tracks Rec Input and Mon Input. Set the 1 PC1600 to Send levels for the individual tracks for the Drummer Headphone mix, the other PC1600 to Send levels for the individual tracks for the Vocal Booth headphone mix.


The PC1600 also lets you store what is called a Scene. Positions of the faders in a preset (doesn't have to be a Preset currently called up / just existing as one of the presets in the PC1600). If you're midi foot controller can send Song Select it will caue it to isend the Scene. Ie. You can write defaults that resets your equipment values to what you want.

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